Visual note making as an active and shared act of shaping meaning together used across the event. Photo Andrew Morrison.

Shaping futures together is a shared interest between Malmö University and AHO and our respective design related research sections. In mid November 2019 I gave one of four plenary invited talks at a workshop in Malmö entitled Imagining Collaborative Future-Making. The event was a partnership between Malmö University’s research platforms Collaborative Future-Making and Medea

I chose to present and to connect a number of future making projects, including design, teaching and research, I’ve been a part of at AHO, including the newly launched FUEL4DESIGN. I gave the talk the title ‘Design & Anticipation’.

In the latter part of the talk I presented some draft material from a book I’m writing called A Poetics of Anticipation. This book currently includes an inventory of 450 design futures words that I have been gathering over the past five years and which underpin some of the build of the DESIGN FUTURES LEXICON in FUEL4DESIGN.

Morrison. A. (in progress). A Poetics of Anticipation. Extract from draft manuscript.

Morrison. A. (in progress). A Poetics of Anticipation. Extract from draft manuscript.

I also showed some of the recent classroom activity carried out with my project colleague Nina Bjønstad at AHO in a master’s course called TECHNOFORM on 3-dimensional form shaping. We’d run a workshop trailing aspects of the LEXICON as part of collaborative futures designing with multimodal literacies at the core. We sought out making connections between working with abstract terms and design futures terms in 3D form making. Read more about the workshop here.

‘Futures’ and ‘Literacies, part of a set of futures terms taken up as prompts to 3d clay modelling, TECHNOFORM Master’s course, Institute of Design, AHO, November 2019. Photo Andrew Morrison. 

Read the journal article in Temes di Disseny here and our lexicon blog post on the special issue here.

Prof Dagny Steudahl (OsloMet) pointing to the composition visual note making image summarising some of the events shared future making. Photo Andrew Morrison.

Morrison A. (2019). ‘Anticipation and design’. Invited guest speaker. Imagining Collaborative Future-Making. Workshop: Malmö University: Malmö. 12-13 November. 09:00-16:00.