In addition to its Modules (intellectual Outputs), FUEL4DESIGN employs a number of events to connect its design futures explorations, productions and interventions with their pedagogies. 

These events are centred around Short Term Joint Staff Training, Intensive Study Programmes for Learners and Multiplier Events

Multiplier Events

Building Pedagogical Futures in the Present – E2 Event  

Focus: The purpose of the event was to strategically disseminate the future literacy project with a constructive open discussion which will also feed the final Intellectual Output (O6). The event presented the Future Literacy outputs (Lexicon, Pills, Scouting, Tools and Methods) to a mixed audience attracting the participation of external stakeholders, key decision-makers and change-makers in the design community.

Date: June 2022

Host: UAL

Venue: Online

Programme: CLICK HERE for Building Pedagogical Futures in the Present event content.


E1 – Anticipatory Actions: Connecting Design Futures Literacies with Anticipatory Learning Practices

Connecting Design Futures Literacies with Anticipatory Learning Practices

  • What do we need to do pedagogically to anticipate and negotiate futures designing?
  • Which methods and means might we adopt, adapt and generate to support and further design futures learning?
  • What techniques and tools might we put into play to facilitate active, productive and critical design futures education?

Date: 29 November 2021, 1400-1800 CET

Host: AHO

Anticipatory Actions is a half day dissemination-type event on futures education and literacy for designers from the FUEL4DESIGN project, hosted by the Oslo School of Architecture and Design together with project partners.

The event aims to share and discuss resources developed within FUEL4DESIGN together with a diverse, curious, motivated and critical gathering of design educators, researchers and organisations.

Our intention is to present and review how new tools and methods can be implemented to support design futures literacies and their pedagogies.

Our goal is to actively support design educators at master’s and doctoral levels to anticipate, enact and propose means and actions for shaping alternative futures by design. 

The programme includes an invited lecture by an innovative design educator and design researcher to help situate our pedagogical practices as design futures educators. The lecture connected to a set of briefings on selected resources on design futures literacies  developed by the FUEL4DESIGN project. This includes attention to the ‘hows’ of making in connecting designerly, pedagogical and research-related activities.

This event is by invitation, with space for around 50 participants, in addition to our project team and Advisory Board. 

We welcome your participation and contributions to a collaborative shaping of design futures literacies.

Attendance: By invitation to attendees external to the project.

Venue: The event will be held in Zoom and Spatial Chat. On registration by mail, a Zoom link will be provided together with the full Programme. 

Please be assured that we will keep to the listed times for this online event.

Notice of related event: A second and larger dissemination-type open event will be held in spring 2022, hosted by the project partner University of the Arts (UAL) UK.



          14:00 – 15:00 

          Plural Positionings

          Welcome, Invited Talk & Discussion


          15:00 – 17:00 

          Parallel Translation Briefings 

           3 Briefing Sessions in 2 Tracks


          17:00 – 18:00 

         Anticipatory Effects: Discussion & Directions

          Spatial Workshop on 3 Sets of Key Issues

Short Term Joint Staff Training

C1 – Speculative Space

Focus: Building knowledge of methods and tools to support futures literacies by reviewing the Lexicon (O1) and Futures Philosophical Pills (O2).

Date: 04-2020 (POSTPONED ). Rescheduled October 2020 (online sessions 0.6/

Host: UAL

Venue: Online

Programme: The programme was delivered over 2 days. Day 1: IO2 presentation; guest talk “Critical Perspectives on Teaching Designers of Tomorrow” delivered by Professor Tanja Schmitt-Fumian, Macromedia University (Germany) whose contribution focused on the relationship between design, future and innovation, and which attracted notable discussion; roundtable for collective review and discussion. Day 2: Practical applications of the tool presented in day 1; facilitated activity for the exploration of the Philosophical Pills.

Materials: This short-term joint staff training C1 event Speculative Space (SS) offered training around the methods developed by the UAL team in IO2. SS was devised for design educators to learn and discuss new curriculum innovation future literacy tools, and to share best practice. It brought together over two days (6 and 7 October 2020) a group of 30+ participants from the partner consortium international community of design educators, researchers and experts. The Learning Outcomes concerned the building, application and sharing of the IO2: Future Philosophical Pills, critical lenses to amplify, disrupt and rethink from a philosophical perspective how futures are conceptualized and taught to design learners. Originally planned as a reviewing event for both IO1 and IO2, which was supposed to take place in March 2020 at the Design Museum London, and postponed because of the pandemic impact on project schedule, SS was rethought for virtual engagement. Delivered in remote mode (using a blend of the platforms: MS Teams; Miro; Simmer), it focused entirely on IO2 as its key training activity. Participants working in four cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional groups brainstormed and landed on a shared research question to use in the testing of IO2. The aim of the workshop was two-fold. First, to train participants on how to engage with the Philosophical Pills (as learners); second, to test the pedagogical value of the Philosophical Pills by reflecting on their use and likelihood of adoption (as design educators). Activities were documented and recorded for dissemination, and project training certificates were  provided by the host UAL to the participants. A series of blog entries are available on the project website analysing and reflecting on the process. Read more here.

C3 - Future Devices

Focus: To engage the academic team members who will be delivering the intensive study programmes for higher education learners to test the novel approach to teaching and learning as developed by the Project. Through the workshop, the teachers will experience the through the eyes of the learner. Participants will be introduced to the philosophy of the project and guided through the novel process of teaching within the subject areas.

Date: 05 - 2021


Venue: Online

Programme: Decolonising Futures in Design Education

Materials: Use of project resources from work packages Design Futures Lexicon and Futures Philosophical Pills

Intensive Study Programmes for Learners

C2 - Futures Thinkaton

Focus: To introduce the partners and PhD students to current development and research in design futures literacies (DFL) and how to apply DFL methods in PhD design futures research

Date: 10 - 2020

Host: PoliMi

Venue: Milan

Programme: TBD

Materials: Intellectual outputs IO1 Design Futures Lexicon and IO2 Futures Philosophical Pills will inform the teaching part of the workshop while the activities will be nurtured by O3 and O4 that will be used along the thinkaton process.

C4 - Design Masters and Futures Literacies

Focus: To introduce the partners’ master students to current development and research in futures literacies; To connect master’s students to research to the methods and content of futures literacies; To apply such method and content in their design practice by means of a guided group exercises.

Date: 05 - 2022


Venue: Milan

Programme: TBD

Materials: TBD